General Progress:
1. Feat: Added game reputation

Every day you work, you will gain a small amount of reputation. Currently its implementation is crude, until we can refine it with proper game logic.

For Code Nerds

I cleaned up a bit some of my code, it is getting a bit messier, but I have some rough idea how to organize stuffs up.

1 - Reusability/DRY

Coming with strong OOP background, organizing Godot game can be daunting. If I have a Modal component in web development, I can simply create a component and the child can be a props.

You can do the same with Godot as well. Feel free to take a look at my section_panel.tscn, for the child props, you just pass them as PackedScene and et voila.

2 - Theming

Theme is a bit limited from what I can see, especially with variant (e.g. in frontend, we have button of size sm, md, lg, xl, 2xl etc). This can be done in Godot, but my limited knowledge have not been able to setup this properly. But I’m sure it is workable.

4 - Input vs z-index

Z index is on a different vibe than input. E.g. if a button is such that (a) Button A, and below it (b) Button B, if you set the button B z-index as 1 and hide it, you would expect it to be able to click Button A now.

Wrong, you’d have to update the code work around this as well. But one way I found is:

  1. Make the Button B within another Control node.
  2. Make THAT Control node mouse input as “Ignore”
  3. Then you can add as much Button B in this control, and it won’t affect the input “touchability” of Button A earlier.


Note: My devlog are not consequential, what you're reading could be from 2-3 days ago.