Aahhh. Mic test.

So…blogging eh. Anyway, I’ll share my long post stuff inside here. I don’t want to mess up twitter’s timeline with my paragraph (I like paragraphs, I like documentations).

No newsletter yet, I’ll announce any new post on twitter with summary.

But let’s mark this first post by something I’m facing right now.


Within my short career span (~5 years professionally), all I’ve been looking forward is growth. If you’re following me, almost all my sharing on twitter are on my mistakes and growth.

Each interview, I’ll share my clear cut goal to my recruiter/interviewer.

”I want to be Software Architect.”

This grit and integrity has helped me pave my career path. Sure my goal change from time to time as my perspective and environment change (here there’s a lot of principal/staff engineer, that’s my current aim), but let’s not talk about me.

These blogs are my sharing for you.


If I could share 1 tip, just 1 for those embarking in software engineering.

”Problem solving”.

At first, you’ll have to master around programming. SOLID, best practices, there’s a bunch of great tutorial out there that I won’t cover here.

But…but then there’s the hidden gem, that people rarely talk about. Mastering these gems will tremendously help your career growth.

You see, “problem solving” is generic. It’s <T> in typed language.

Programming just happened to be the big chunk of problem solving. But what goes when you’re not doing stuff related to code?

That, I plan to uncover in my blogs.

Anyway, no newsletter or stuff. Keep an eye on my twitter. I’ve uninstalled the apps anyway (which I’m still fighting the urge to re-install) so will post from time to time.

In meantime, enjoy my 3D creation!